We design, build and scale great digital products.

A start-up, yet grown up!

Our partners include small start-ups, mid-size companies and global enterprises with a common need for high quality (of course!) software development to affordable prices. In every collaboration we bring eagerness and enthusiasm from being an ambitious start-up, and it is our mission to keep this attitude as we grow.

20+ brilliant minds

Our team consists of young, highly skilled talents with great variety in nationalities, gender and professions, creating a diverse and vibrant environment that we are quite proud of.

Want to be part of our diverse team?

What we (primarily) do

We have highly skilled developers, indeed! But we know from experience that it takes more than a great code to make a great product. To create exceptional products, it is necessary to equally focus on development, design, strategy, and management.

We guide you through each phase of development. Whether you're starting fresh or improving an existing product, we can help.

We understand that uncertainty can be a natural part of the project initiation phase, but our team is here to guide you through it. By asking the right questions, we work with you to mature your ideas and shape them into tangible, visual concepts. By doing so in the early stages, you will identify potential risks, before a lot of time and resources have been invested in building the final product. We create a simplified version of the product, a prototype, that can be conceptually tested with users or stakeholders – preparing you for the next phase of development; building the MVP.

Our Services

Wireframing, UI & UX Design, Power Apps, Click-dummies, and POC Algorithms (AI)

First, we are not just an ordinary team of experts; we’re your partners, fully equipped with all resources needed to make your product ready for the market. You will co-work with designers, engineers and managers to define the essential features, and create a functional and viable product (Minimum Viable Product) that can be launched to real users. Our iterative approach ensures that you’re onboard every step of the way. Together, we continually reassess the project scope, requirements and priorities to ensure that we stay focused on the key deliverables, and deliver maximum value within your budget.

Our Services

Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Product Development and AI-driven Applications

Are you in search of a reliable and proven software development process? Digiqal can assist you with that! Our team specializes in providing and implementing agile processes (Scrum) that prioritize quality, flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We offer a robust framework within software development, release management and support escalation processes. We aim to empower our partners’ internal teams to become self-sufficient and sustainable in the long run. We recognize that our partners will eventually need to operate independently, and our goal is to equip them with the skills and resources they need to do so successfully even after our engagement ends.

Our Services

Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospective, Dailies, Userstory Writing, Backlog Refinement, (Re-)Allocation of Team Members, Roadmap Planning and Stakeholder Reporting

Whether you require temporary or permanent resources, we can help you to complement your internal team of developers, project managers, software testers and/or UI/UX designers. For instance, if you have backend developers, we can provide frontend developers to complement your team, or in busy times, we can reinforce your team by providing additional resources to help you cope with temporary needs or faster deliveries. We are able to react on your needs fast, often within a week after your request.

Our Services

Frontend/Backend Developers, Data Engineers, UI/UX Designers, QA Testers, Scrum Masters and Project Managers

Our Technologies

Do you speak code? Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Our team is fluent in the many languages of development. This is our preferred tech stack, please contact us if you have specific wishes or demands for your project.

Web Development

Backend Frameworks:


PHP Framework(Laravel, Symfony)


Frontend Frameworks:




Data Engineering




Azure Data Factory

Mobile Apps


React Native

UI/UX Design


Adobe XD


Project Management:

Azure DevOps




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You can also write him at a.jakovljevic@digiqal.de or catch him on +49 172 601 05 04.

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